Young Academics Award 2012

Young Academics Award 2012 only exists in English:


Award-winning theses
The prizes for the Young Scientists Award competition of the Alpine Convention in its 2012 edition have been awarded to: 

  1. Elena Ferrario: "Comelico staying or leaving. Reasons to Return to an Alpine Valley"
  2. Robert Steiger: "Climate Change Impact on Skiing Tourism in Tyrol"  
  3. Frieder Voll: "The Significance of the Factor "Accessibility" in the Alps" 

Additionally, two special prizes have been awarded:  

  • Giulia Testori: "Nuove Kamunje Strategie pre un Graduale Ripopolamento dell Valli del Natisone" 
  • Johannes Schmied: "Acceptance for Infrastructure for Renewable Energy in Alpine Destinations by Tourists" 

Call: Best work on policy relevant to Alpine issues (closed)

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