SuperAlp!4 (2010)

SuperAlp!4 only exists in English:


For the fouth year SuperAlp! crosses the Alps linking different territories, issues and cultures aiming at improving the knowledge of the Alpine Convention, that recognizes the Alps as a whole and unique territory. 

A group of journalists belonging to world’s top publications will cross the Alpine arc for nine days utilising sustainable means of transport and trying out the various links that make up the chain of alternative mobility to private cars. The group will travel more than 1700 km between Monaco, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia by train, bicycle bus and on foot. The 2010 edition lets participants discover the culture of gastronomy in the Alps at several level and intends to make this crossing an occasion to communicate the Alpine Convention and its Protocols as tools for the sustainable development of the Alpine region, easily transferable also to other mountain regions of the world. 


Press review

Press release in German, French and Italian

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