SuperAlp!5 (2011)

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In summer 2011, for the fifth year running, the project SuperAlp! traversed the Alps in sustainable style, linking glaciers, issues and cultures. Organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, SuperAlp! promotes the aims of this special Convention that recognises the Alps as a whole and unique territory.

From 4 to 12 July, a group of journalists representing top publications crisscrossed the Alpine arc, using sustainable transport and linking different regions in a chain of alternative mobility to private cars. Trains, buses, bicycles and many miles on foot, took the group from France to Italy and across Austria.
Glaciers were the main focus of the 2011 SuperAlp!, enabling participants to see for themselves the shrinkage of ice that is the most evident indicator of climate change. SuperAlp!5 was also an opportunity to communicate the benefit of the Alpine Convention as tools for the sustainable development of the Alpine region - tools which are also easily transferable to other mountain regions of the world. 


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