Public Workshop on "The natural and cultural value of karst landscapes: focus on Classic Karst"

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Gorizia, 5th December 2013
The results achieved and the state of the art of the WG UNESCO of the Alpine Convention
by: Patrizia Rossi, President of the WG UNESCO of the Alpine Convention, Natural park Alpi Marittime
1st Sessio: Focus on the crossborder area 
Not only stones: a jorney through the geology evolution and geomorphology of the Italian Classical Karst
by: Chaiar Piano, Geological Service of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
The Karst aquifer as a strategic cross-border water resource within a unique natural heritage - in the frame of the HYDROKARST project
by: Franco Cucchi, Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze, University of Trieste
Presentation of the project "CARSO - KRAS - Sustainable managment of natural resources and regional cohesion
by: Municipality of Sezana
2nd session: Focus on the respective Italian and Slovenian sides
The itineraries of the I World War: the project Carso 2014
by: Mara Cernic, Vice-President of the Province of Gorizia
Presentation of the Škocjanske jame: UNESCO Heritage site
by: Rosana Cervneik, Škocjan Caves Park
The karst system of Kanin mountains
Franci Gabrovscek, Karst Research Institute - Research center of the Slovenian Academy of the Sciences and Art
The karst phenomena in the Slovenian Alps: focus on Snežna jama on Raduha 
by: Andrej Mihevc, Karst Research Institute - Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of the Sciences and Art 
Dinaric Karst Upstream process – serial transnational nomination 
by: Gordana Beltram, Park Škocjanske jame Marjutka Hafner, Secretary-General of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO 

Closing session with a focus on application procedures to be followed for the two respective countries: 
Role and point of view of the authorities involved in the nominations for the UNESCO World Heritage, with particular 
reference to that of the Dinaric Karst transnational site as natural heritage. 


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