The Alpine Convention is visiting Gap!

This summer, the Alpine Convention will be visiting the Maison de l’Europe de Gap et des Alpes du Sud (FR) with the exhibition „The Alps – A Journey in maps and pictures”.  

The Alps are typically – and often stereotypically – associated with peaks, forests and glaciers. However, by taking a closer look, much more is waiting to be discovered! This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the Alpine area: from its administrative variety to its rich biodiversity, from the lively urban areas and the transport routes to the touristic hotspots and from the different cultural and linguistic features to sustainable energy production in the Alps.

Each map, accompanied by a picture and a caption, tells a story about one important aspect related to the Alps and the life of their inhabitants. As a living space for more than 14 million people and a recreational space for a manifold number of guests per annum, the Alps constitute a valuable area at the heart of Europe.

So come and discover the Alps during your visit to Gap!

Where? La maison de l'europe, 33 rue Colonel Roux, Gap

When? Monday to Thursday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h30 and Friday from 9h to 12h. However, the exhibition panels are visible from the street all the time.


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