Reading Mountains initiative: A successful tour

A climb through eight countries, several months – more and more people joining us, in the end more than 120 partners. 

In their backpack the most creative ideas, wonderful places, storytellers and narratives. On December 11– International Mountain Day - summit reached: “Reading Mountains” - A literary festival all over the Alpine region! Mountain rescue and alpine clubs, activity book and own thoughts, lyric, poetry and prose on mountains of paper, adventure and wilderness, a library as stage, book tables, mountain literature from the Alps as well as from the highest peaks in the world, historical events and modern alpine literature, alpine farming and mountaineer choir, reading in dialect and sign language. “Reading Mountain” has shown us - with the support of all our partners, friends of the Alpine Convention - that the Alps are narrating via numberless stories as a gift on the way home.

#Progetti Convenzione delle Alpi

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