Green Economy

In the last years greening the economy in the Alps has become a priority throughout various sectors. It refers to the transformation process of the Alpine economies towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient, environmentally and socially sustainable model. This transformation requires a paradigm shift in the current understanding of the relationship between the economy, the environment and the people, as well as in the way economic processes are carried out. Green economy is thus a holistic approach that tries to address all sectors of economy and society in order to reconcile economic investments with environmental protection.

The Alps, with their specific challenges and their unique resources, have the potential to function as a laboratory to see Green Economy in action, as well as to spread it beyond their borders.

Although never explicitly mentioned in the Protocols, green economy and its underlying principles can be considered a recurring theme in the Alpine Convention’s legal texts. Additionally, the topic was subject to an in-depth analysis in the 6th Report on the State of the Alps.

Protocols and declarations

Furthermore, the underlying principles of green economy are directly or indirectly addressed in the Framework Convention as well as in the Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Protocol, the Mountain Farming Protocol, the Mountain Forests Protocol, the Tourism Protocol, the Energy Protocol and the Transport Protocol.

Thematic working bodies

Selected documents and publications


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