Office  in  Innsbruck

Herzog - Friedrich - Straße 15
6020  Innsbruck,  Austria

+43  512  5885890

Office in Bolzano/Bozen

Viale Druso / Drususallee  1
39100 Bolzano / Bozen, Italy

Tel:  +39  0471  055357
Fax:  +39  0471  055359

Contact for media and communication matters:

Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General (CV)
Languages: Slovenian, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Education: Degree in Language Studies, French and Spanish (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 (0)512 588 589 0

Marianna Elmi, Deputy Secretary General
Languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish 
Education: Master's Degree in Sociology (Trento, Italy); PhD in Public Management and Governance (Rome, Italy)
+39 0471 055 364; +43 (0)512 588 589 43 
Alice Beck, Project Officer
Languages: German, English, French
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in European Ethnology (Innsbruck, Austria); Master’s Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Vienna, Austria)
+43 (0)512 588 589 18  
Vera Bornemann, Project Officer
Languages: German, English; learning French
Education: Degree in Geography (Mainz, Germany) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 25  
Stefano Chelo, Project Officer 
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuegese
Education: Degree in Law (Sassari, Italy); Master's Degree in Diplomatic Studies (Rome, Italy) 
+39 0471 055 363
Lisa Ellemunter, Project Officer - on maternity leave
Languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish 
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations (Rome, Italy); Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy (Leiden, The Netherlands) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 18
Giulia Gaggia, Project Officer
Languages: Italian, German, English, French
Education: Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (Venice, Italy); Master's Degree in Environmental Law (Venice, Italy); Master in Digital PR: press office and online media relations (Milan, Italy)
+39 0471 055 352  
Dagmar Huber, Accountant
Languages: German, English, Italian
Education: Certified national and International Financial Accountant and payroll accountant (Innsbruck, Austria) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 13  
Nika Langus, Assistant to the Secretary General
Languages: Slovenian, English, German
Education: Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 (0)512 588 589 12
Wolfger Mayrhofer, Legal Adviser
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Russian
Education: Degree in Law, Studies in Philosophy and Slavistics (Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria and Moscow, Russia), Master's Degree in European Integration for the Public Administration
+43 (0)512 588 589 17
Nathalie Morelle, Project Officer
Languages: French, German, English, Italian
Education: Chemical Engineer degree (Paris, France); PhD in Biophysics (Grenoble, France)
+43 512 588 589 39
Živa Novljan, Project Officer
Languages: Slovenian, English, German 
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Geography (Ljubljana, Slovenia); Master's Degree in Environmental and Physical Geography and Applied Geoinformatics (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
+43 512 588 589 21
Aureliano Piva, Project Officer 
Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish 
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Sociology (Trento, Italy); Master’s Degree in European and International Studies (Trento, Italy) 
+39 0471 055 367; +43 (0)512 588 589 23

Jaqueline Rauscher, Assistant to the Secretary General - on maternity leave
Languages: German, French, English
Education: Diploma at the Federal Institute for Economics (Innsbruck,  Austria) 
+43 (0)512 588 589 12

Laura Marie Wittkopp, Project Assistant
Languages: German, English; learning French
Education: Bachelor´s Degree in Political Science (Innsbruck, Austria); Master´s Degree in International Politics and International Law (Kiel, Germany)
+43 (0)512 588 589 22
Stephanie Wolff, Communications Officer
Languages: German, English, French, learning Italian
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and International Relations (Bath, United Kingdom); Master’s Degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance (Oxford, United Kingdom)
+43 (0)512 588 589 15
Mathieu Goubier, Trainee
Languages: French, English, German
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences (Grenoble, France); Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Grenoble, France)
+43 (0)681 813 139 04 

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Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15
6020 Innsbruck

+43 (0) 512 588 589

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