Natural hazards

The harsh and varied landscapes are typical for the Alps and are part of their attractiveness. At the same time, they expose the Alpine population to a number of natural hazards. These hazards can potentially jeopardize human activities and lives, and they are becoming more frequent due to climate change. The number and scope of floods, rock falls, landslides, avalanches and other natural hazards has been increasing. It is therefore important to raise awareness among the public and to share and coordinate measures among Alpine states. The damage caused by natural hazards must be prevented and limited with measures that are effective without massively impacting landscapes and ecosystems.

After the elaboration of the 7th Report on the State of the Alps on natural hazard risk governance, which was adopted by the XV Alpine Conference, the most recent activity is drafting a report on the contribution of prevention to contingency planning.

Protocols and declarations

There is no Protocol on natural hazards. However, the topic is addressed in the following Protocols: Mountain Forests Protocol, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Protocol, Soil Conservation Protocol and Transport Protocol as well as the Action Plan on Climate Change in the Alps.

Thematic working bodies

Selected documents and Publications


  • We are Alps Tour 2019
  • RockTheAlps (Alpine Space Programme) - harmonized rockfall, natural risk and protection forest mapping in the Alpine Space (2016-2019)
  • Alpen-Forum-Innsbruck on climate change and natural hazards (2015)
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