Mountain Agriculture Platform (2011-2019)

Chair: Austria

Mountain agriculture shapes and maintains the Alpine landscape, keep traditions alive and is closely linked to other sectors such as tourism and forestry. It underwent significant changes in the last decades, with an observed abandonment of farms, that is particularly striking in some Alpine countries and is often combined with demographic dynamics.

Mountain farming is one of the 12 focus areas listed in the Alpine Convention (Article 2.) and the Mountain Farming Protocol was signed in 1994. In addition, the Action Plan on Climate Change in the Alps refers amongst others to mountain farming and the challenges that mountain agriculture faces due to climate change.  

In 2011, the XI. Alpine Conference set up the Mountain Agriculture Platform underlining the role of farming as a source of livelihood and thus to maintain an adequate population density. Beside this, it provides the inhabitants and tourists with local high-quality products and preserves the cultural landscape.

Overview of activities, documents and results

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