Tourism is one of the main sources of income in the Alps. Some 40% of the Alpine municipalities display significant tourism activity. The main assets of the Alps are the beautiful landscapes and the diverse natural and cultural heritage. To protect this heritage, it is necessary to adopt a balanced approach based on sustainable tourism. Experiencing nature and respecting the environment must be in the foreground. The use of alternative mobility solutions must be encouraged. Moreover, new business models for year-round tourism are needed.

According to article2, paragraph 2(i) the Contracting parties should "by restricting activities harmful to the environment, to harmonize tourism and recreational activities whith ecological and social requirements, in particular by setting aside quiet areas".




Thematic working bodies

  • Sustainable Tourism Working Group
  • Transport Working Group
  • UNESCO World Heritage Working Group (2006-2014)


Publications and documents



  • Alpen-Forum-Innsbruck 2015 (climate change and tourism)
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