Across the Alps: Explore, Respect, Live!

What are the Alps? Who are the Alps? Why do we need to protect them?

Visit the travelling Outdoor Exhibition to learn about this unique place we call home! The exhibition is touring through the district capitals of Tyrol and stopping five times to bring the Alpine Convention closer to the Alpine inhabitants. 

The exhibition offers visitors insights into the impact of the Alpine Convention on their lives and the environment in which they live. Through different elements, visitors can learn about the main themes and objectives of the Alpine Convention – and be inspired to work for a sustainable future in the Alps.

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The Alps are a fascinating and spectacular mountain range spanning eight countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The challenges faced by the Alps are often cross-border in nature, and can be solved best through cooperation. Recognising this, the eight Alpine countries, together with the European Union, formed the Alpine Convention to address these challenges together.

The Alps represent a precious natural environment as well as longstanding knowledge, traditions and (common) cultural heritage. They have always been, and continue to be, a space for innovation and experimentation, of learning to live with and in a unique environment.

At the same time, the Alps are a vulnerable environment, which is why we need to protect them to ensure they remain a safe and healthy living space. The key to achieving this is sustainable development and finding a balance between its three pillars – social, environmental and economic.

In the Alps, resources are often scarce and limited. This means sharing responsibility for their use and care. These also strengthen communities and societies as they contribute to the creation of knowledge in a group as well as strengthening relations, mutual cooperation and increased personal contacts between community members.

Topics of the exhibition

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DateLocationEventSide event date
1 April - 4 May 2022Imst, Sparkassenplatz"Musik&Poesie im Dialekt"3 May
4 May - 14 June 2022Reutte, Zeillerplatz"Water"7 June
14 June - 18 July 2022Kufstein, Fischergriesplatz"Food"2 July
18 July - 23 August 2022Lienz, Europaplatz--
23 August - 29 September 2022Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien-Straße"Quality of life"17 September

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