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The Alps

… are a fascinating and spectacular mountain range spanning eight countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The challenges faced by the Alps are often cross-border in nature, and can be solved best through cooperation. Recognising this, the eight Alpine countries, together with the European Union, formed the Alpine Convention to address these challenges together.

The Alpine Convention is leading the way for sustainable life in the Alps and is a pioneer of its kind as the first international treaty aimed at the sustainable development and protection of an entire mountain range. The year 2021 marked the 30th anniversary since the Convention was first signed, laying down the international commitment to protect the Alpine region.

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Facts & Information

2 degrees

Temperature increase in the Alps since the 19th century

Climate Change
14.9 million

Quality of life for all inhabitants of the Alps

Population and Culture

Entry into force of the Alpine Convention


The Alps are home to 30.000 animal species and 13.000 plant species

Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Eight Countries

Eight Alpine countries and the European Union

Contracting Parties
Sustainable Development Goals

The Alpine Convention is a transnational example of the implementation of the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

What’s on

Events & Social Media


CIPRA International webinar series on unsealing & soil improvement


Annual Meeting of the Mountaineering Villages (Bergsteigerdörfer)


Large Carnivores, Wild Ungulates and Society Working Group (WISO) Meeting

The Alpine Convention and you


The Alpine Convention comes to life through the projects and activities of the Alpine countries, Observer organisations, and Permanent Secretariat!

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We work in many areas related to life in the Alps. Click through the different topics to see what the Alpine Convention is doing in an area that interests you.

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Explore the Alps in maps and data with the Alpine Convention Atlas. In addition to many maps and layers, the Atlas also includes documents, datasets, and much more.

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Work Programme

The Multi-Annual Work Programme sets the framework for developing common strategies, tools, and solutions. Help shape your Alpine future!

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Get to know the Alps - SOIA

Sharing Alpine knowledge is one of our priorities - the System for the Observation and Information on the Alps aims to improve communication on research and observation activities.

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Bodies of the Convention


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