Green Economy Advisory Board (2016-2019)

Chair: Germany

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) defines Green Economy using 3 key terms as: “low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive”. Green Economy touches several aspects of life, society, work and industry. This cross sectoral character points at the mutual relationships between human activities, well-being, society and environment.  The Alps, with their specific challenges and their unique resources can function as a laboratory for a Green Economy.

During the XIII. Alpine Conference in Torino, an ad-hoc expert group was set up and assigned the task of elaborating the 6th Report on the State of the Alps (RSA) on Greening the economy in the Alpine region. This Report was approved by the subsequent Alpine Conference in Grassau. At the same time, a Green Economy Advisory Board was entrusted with the task of elaborating an ambitious and comprehensive Green Economy Action Programme in the Alpine region by 2018. The study process included a set of stakeholder’s workshops on different aspects of an Alpine Green Economy, as well as an online consultation of experts, entrepreneurs and people working and living in the Alps.

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