Multi-Annual Work Programme

Through the Alpine Conference’s Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAP), the Contracting Parties, together with the Observers, express their conviction that the challenges the Alpine region is facing – inter alia climatic, cultural and demographic changes – require a cooperative approach that transgresses national borders.

The aim of the Multi-Annual Work Programme is to define the context for cooperating on common measures over an extended period. These ambitions are reflected in the choice of areas of emphasis as selected and defined within a six years’ timeframe.

The MAP (see below) sets out a vision for the Alps as a pioneer region for sustainable living!

The Multi-Annual Work Programme 2017-2022 *  

The Multi-Annual Work Programme 2011-2016 * 
The Multi-Annual Work Programme 2005-2010  

* un-official English translations provided by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention

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