Permanent Committee

The Permanent Committee (Regulation*) is the executive body of the Alpine Conference. It consists of the delegates of the Alpine countries. The Permanent Committee ensures that the Convention’s ideas, principles and aims are carried out into practice. The Permanent Committee generally meets twice a year.

The Permanent Committee is defined in Article 8 of the Framework Convention.

Current Chair:

Silvia Jost
Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Federal Office for Spatial Development

What does the Permanent Committee do?

  • It analyses the information submitted by the Member States on implementing the Convention and reports to the Alpine Conference.
  • It prepares programmes for meetings of the Alpine Conference and proposes the agenda.
  • It sets up Working Groups that have to formulate Protocols and recommendations and it coordinates their activities.
  • It examines and harmonizes the contents of draft Protocols and makes proposals to the Alpine Conference.

* un-official English translation provided by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention 

Austria Head of delegation: Ewald Galle
Focal Point: Katharina Zwettler
France Head of delegation: Aude Charrier
Focal Point: Isabelle Paillet
Germany Head of delegation: Christian Ernstberger
Focal Point: Christian Ernstberger
Italy Head of delegation: Paolo Angelini
Focal Point: Paolo Angelini
Liechtenstein Head of delegation: Stefan Hassler
Focal Point: Stefan Hassler
Monaco Head of delegation: Wilfrid Deri
Focal Point: Astrid Claudel-Rusin
Slovenia Head of delegation: Blanka Bartol
Focal Point: Majda Lovrenčič
Switzerland Head of delegation: Silvia Jost
Focal Point: Marc Pfister
European Union Head of delegation: /
Focal Point: Andrea Bianchini
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