Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Working Group

Chair: Germany

Space is a limited resource and subject to a variety of different usage demands – something which applies especially to the Alps. To coordinate these demands in a sustainable way is a key and inter-sectoral task that must be considered across country borders. Therefore the Protocol “Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development” of the Alpine Convention addresses this theme. A strong and committed cross-sectoral approach is needed to tackle the growing number of cross-cutting issues in spatial development and to strengthen the sustainable development of the Alpine space. 

In order to initiate new dynamics for spatial planning in the Alpine area, in 2015, in the framework of the German Presidency, the expert group Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development was established and was active until 2019.

Being aware of the importance of spatial planning for sustainable development, the XVI Alpine Conference established the Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Working Group, which builds on the work of the past expert group as well as the Alpine Climate Target System 2050, the EU Territorial Agenda 2030, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In its first mandate, the Working Group elaborated an assessment study on cross-border spatial development and made contributions to the RSA 9 on Alpine Towns and the implementation of the pathways to achieve the Alpine climate targets until 2050. This also included a close cooperation with the Soil Protection Working Group. In its current mandate, the Working Group will continue with its contributions to the ACTS2050. In addition, it will build on previous results to elaborate a pilot project on cross-border cooperation as well as draft an Alpine Spatial Planning Perspective.

Josiane Meier (, German Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction

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