Mountain areas should not be left out in the cold

Stating that mountain communities face specific needs and challenges is stating the obvious. Nevertheless, these mountain areas’ specificities and needs are all too often forgotten in Operational Programmes for Cohesion Policy.

In a recently published factsheet, Observer of the Alpine Convention Euromontana calls on Managing Authorities to notturn a blind eye to mountain territories’ needs and to integrate ways to support the development of mountainous regions in their Cohesion Policies. With this factsheet, Euromontana helps Managing Authorities by giving recommendations on all steps of the design and implementation of Operational Programmes, from the ex-ante evaluation to the monitoring process and the ex-post evaluation.

The factsheet also provides examples of specific tools available for the development of mountain areas, such as the CLLD instrument (Community-Led Local Development), as well as advices to better coordinate the different existing EU funds. This factsheet is a practical tool towards a more integrated territorial development in mountain regions from 2021!

Please find here the factsheet in English and French. 

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