A mountain product...

... by any other name would still taste, look, smell and feel as a mountain product?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare)

In their latest study, Observer of the Alpine Convention, Euromontana monitored the uptake of the European optional quality term (OQT) “mountain product” in the European Union since its creating in 2012. Mountain products are quality and sustainable products that contribute to the continuation of traditional know-hows, the preservation of mountain farming, the provision of fair income for farmers, the maintenance of landscapes and the protection of mountain’s biodiversity.

This study analyses the recent developments in 17 countries to provide a state of play of the implementation of the OQT in the European Union. The study also entails statistics on the uptake by producers and examples of operators using the OQT “mountain product”.

Euromontana encourages the European Commission to remind their Member States about this OQT possibility and to do a follow-up of its implementation, including in the Farm to Fork Strategy to ensure the production of quality food in Europe.

Learn more on the implementation of the OQT “mountain product” in Euromontana’s study!

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