Ad Hoc Expert Group for the Preparation of the Report on the State of the Alps on Demographic Changes (2013-2014)

Chair: Italy

The ad hoc expert group was formed by the ministers at the XII. Alpine Conference in 2012 with a mandate to prepare the fifth Report on the State of the Alps focusing on demographic changes.  

As stated in the Declaration on Population and Culture, socio-economic and cultural aspects play a central role int the implementation of an integrated policy ensuring the protection and sustainable development of the Alps. The Alpine States therefore committed themselves to preserve and promote cultural diversity in the Alps as well as to focus on the needs, wishes and opinions of the people who live in the Alpine area.

The Report that was drafted by the Working Group Demography and Employment, which was set up by the X. Alpine Conference in 2009, served as a starting point for the work of the ad hoc expert group. For the preparation of the fifth Report on the State of the Alps good practices have been collected in order to prepare guidance rules for policymakers regarding their transferability.  

The fifth Report on the State of the Alps was adopted by the XIII. Alpine Conference.

Overview of activities, documents and results

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