New Publication: Climate-neutral and Climate-resilient Alps 2050

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention presents its new brochure: “Climate-neutral and Climate-resilient Alps 2050”. The publication consists of the three central climate policy results of the XV Alpine Conference: the Declaration of Innsbruck, the Alpine Climate Target System 2050 and the 7th Report on the state of the Alps “Natural Hazard Risk Governance”.

The Declaration calls upon all Contracting Parties to give the Alpine area priority within their respective climate strategies and action plans at all relevant levels. The “Alpine Climate Target System 2050”, prepared by the Alpine Climate Board over the past two years, identifies specific targets in twelve sectors towards the overall objective of climate-neutral and climate-resilient Alps in 2050. All targets are framed by the general principles of a transition based on cultural and natural heritage, the role of the Alps as model region for integrating mitigation and adaptation as well as being a showcase for transnational cooperation and on an emphasis on Alpine co-benefits. 

Finally, the brochure contains an executive summary of the 7th Report on the State of the Alps. This report attempts to provide an answer to the question “What does modern natural hazard management look like?”. 

The publication is available in English (EN) and all Alpine languages (FRDEITSL). Printed copies can be ordered via:
We wish you an enjoyable read!


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