Key messages for an improved management of water resources

This week the EUSALP Action Group 6 (AG6) conference on integrated and sustainable water management took place in the Reader’s Circle in Turin (IT). Aims of the conference were the presentation of the results achieved within the working period 2016-2019 by the sub-group of AG6 dedicated to water issues and the exchange with local and regional experts and stakeholders.

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention presented the macro-regional background and the work of the AG6. Other items on the agenda included the collection of good practices and recommendations on “Green infrastructure solutions for an integrated and sustainable water management” and the report on “Water demand and supply management in case of droughts and/or peaks of demand”. Both documents were developed in close cooperation with the Platform “Water management in the Alps” of the Alpine Convention. Furthermore, the study on governance mechanisms in the field of water management published by the AG6 was a starting point for discussing possible improvements including the implementation of voluntary governance instruments, such as the river contracts.


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