Final Conference showcases the results of the ASTUS project

As the closing element of the ASTUS project (Alpine Smart Transport and Urbanism Strategies), the final conference, which took place in Ljubljana (SI) mid-October, provided the opportunity for all project partners and representatives of the pilot regions to present the project results and to exchange on the success factors and challenges. e

The ASTUS projected started in November 2016 and received support from the Alpine Convention as an observer. The project includes, amongst other things, the development of 10 digital decision-making tools to assist local authorities in assessing the impacts of potential alternative mobility solutions and thus to choose the low-carbon mobility solutions best suited to their needs. ASTUS’ methodological approach and tools are transferable in the whole Alpine region and were presented in practice to the participants during the conference.

Within the framework of the project, 17 pilot sites from different Alpine countries were involved: amongst those, the Municipality of Novo Mesto (SL), which hosted a field trip to demonstrate the successful implementation of some project’s practices.

In this flyer you will find an overview of the project’s objectives and results.

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