EUSALP in Lyon: Dynamic start into 2020!

On 4 February 2020, France kicked off its Presidency of EUSALP (EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region) in Lyon. At the General Assembly, the representatives of States, Regions and of the Alpine Convention, discussed on the future of the EUSALP and on the priorities of the French Presidency under the umbrella of “boosting the ecological transition in times of climate change”.

The second day was focused on concrete progress within the EUSALP Executive Board. This also included a joint session with the Board of Action Group Leaders. The topics of sustainable tourism and Alpine forestry and agricultural products were at the core of the exchange among the participants. The Action Group Leaders were also involved in an informal meeting to define strategic cross-sectoral activities. The lunch break offered an opportunity for networking on closer interacting among the Executive Board Members and the Action Group Leaders.

The afternoon of 5 February 2020 was dedicated to the official kick-off of the Interreg Alpine Space AlpGov 2 project. The project partners discussed the details of the single work packages. As responsible project partner, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention presented its concept and provisional timeline of the planned Road Show. This activity is aimed at bringing the EUSALP closer to the citizens and at outlining sustainable solutions for the benefit of the Alpine Region. It will cover all Alpine Countries and will address local and regional stakeholders and civil society in a direct way.


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