Constructive Alps 2020

The international award “Constructive Alps” can be seen as the Oscar for sustainable renovation and construction in the Alps. Supported by, among others, the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development and CIPRA International, this prestigious architecture prize goes in its 5th round!

Constructive Alps honors exemplary renovations and new buildings in the Alpine arc, that are built according to the latest sustainable standards and norms. “Architecture plays an important role in the Alps, showcasing the confrontation of traditional craftmanship with modernity. Quality architecture conveys the message of a sustainable lifestyle”, so Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Alenka Smerkolj. “Furthermore, the architectural heritage in the Alps, is a heritage that must be challenged but also protected, not only because it is under threat, but also because it symbolizes the core values of a life in the Alps. Sustainable and meaningful renovations of historic buildings play herein a key role.

The Constructive Alps prize serves as a contribution to the Alpine Convention. Therefore, ecological responsibility is a central yardstick by which the submitted projects are judged; projects are assessed according to the extent to which they make positive use of the power of nature and incorporating it into architecture.

More information about the 5th edition of this international architecture prize in all alpine languages can be found on the Constructive Alps website.


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