AG6 Presentation at EUSALP Executive Board Meeting

Action Group 6 was invited, as AG3 and AG9, to present its current state of play at the EUSALP Executive Board Meeting on 4 July 2017 in Brussels. The presentation highlighted the ongoing activities of the three AG6 sub-groups “Spatial development and soil conservation”, “Future oriented farming and forestry” and “Integrated and sustainable water management”. 

Based on the experience of AG6, the AGL outlined the main challenges the AG is currently facing. The active participation of nominated AG members and the valuable contributions of representatives of civil society institutions is a key to successfully continue the work of AG6. Moreover, the permanent exchange between all Action Groups and their activities is a necessary precondition to implement the single work plans. 

Particular focus was laid on the submission of an expression of interest of SG1 and SG2 for the 3rd call of the Alpine Space Program. Moreover, SG3 already developed an advanced draft of recommendations regarding green infrastructure solutions in water management.


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