Reading Mountains Festival 2018

Thanks from the Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Ambassador Markus Reiterer

We kick-started the 4th edition of the Reading Mountains Festival in tropical warm conditions, knowing that we wanted to spread the same warm wave on International Mountain Day in December. And so we did, with the support and the cooperation of hundreds of local volunteers, literary artists, word performers and musicians, bookshops, libraries, schools and you (!), the inhabitants of the Alps. The Alpine cultural diversity is so omnipresent in our daily lives that we all too often take it for granted. Therefore, a festival like Reading Mountains gives us the opportunity to celebrate the cultural heritage as well as modern Alpine literature under the umbrella of the Alpine Convention. Thanks to everyone who made it possible to enrich our mind, soul and to fill our ears and eyes with literary and artistic creations!

More information on the Reading Mountains festival can be found here

Here is an overview of all the events that took place in scope of the Reading Mountains 2018:  


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