Reading Mountains Festival 2017

Whenever legendary figures are scrambling out of book pages, folk songs are springing to life, you are savouring your grandmother’s favourite recipes, travel reports are enticing you to go on a walking tour, forests get to dance, rocks are trembling in the face of a mystery story, classical or contemporary literature get communicated: then, the mountains are reading! – With capital letters and loud sounds, gentle verses and romantic descriptions, in all styles of prosa or poetry, different languages, local dialects or regional idioms. On International Mountain Day - 11 December - we are celebrating the cultural diversity of the Alps!

The Reading Mountains Festival is an occasion for partners around the Alps to organize events to celebrate Alpine literature, languages and cultures under a joint umbrella. On International Mountain Day (11 December) 2017 and the days leading to it partners (stakeholders, schools, libraries, interested individuals, restaurants and other interested organisations) were invited to organize their own event highlighting Alpine literature. They did so in many different ways; they organized a reading by a local author, had a presentation of a book taking place in the region etc. The map below shows an overview of all the events that took place in scope of the Reading Mountains 2017.

Take a look at the photogallery.


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