Reading Mountains Festival 2015

Initiative for the promotion of the International Mountain Day 2015 – Friday 11 December 

Thanks from the Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Ambassador Markus Reiterer

International Mountain Day 2015! Almost 100 events, numerous local partners, thousands of people involved! An amazing day of literature from the Alps! Literature that moved us, made us think, made us smile and laugh, impressed us and showed us the value of life in our region. I was personally struck with the enormous diversity of our cultural heritage: the many stories, the essays, the poetry and above all, the many different languages. Not only were the four official languages of the Alpine Convention French, German, Italian and Slovene used in the events, but also a number of other Alpine languages like Ladino, Romansch, Provencal, Friulian, Occitan etc..This linguistic and literary diversity is a richness we all should cherish! I warmly wish to thank all those who contributed to the success of the Reading Mountains Initiative: the local partners, the many poets, authors, writers and storytellers, but also musicians, painters, photographers and also the German presidency of the Alpine Convention for their support.

Federal Minister Barbara Hendricks, president of the Alpine Conference (photo: BMUB/Harald Franzen)

Interview on the occasion of International Mountain Day (for Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels; in German) 

* English courtesy translation

Consult the non-exhaustive list of books here.


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