YOALIN brings together the participants and the policy makers

This year's edition of the Youth Alpine Interrail (YOALIN) ended with a closing event in September in Bern (CH), but the impacts of the project went further. On the initiative and with the support of the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development, CIPRA International – the leader of the project – managed to organize an after-event. Thanks to the engagement of the Slovenian Ministry of  Environment and Spatial Planning, the travelers (mostly from Slovenia) were invited to Ljubljana (SI) to highlight their expectations for the future.

The young travelers first collected their expectations and messages they would want to pass on to the policy-makers concerning three different topics: sustainable lifestyle, mobility and Alpine Ticket. The event continued with an intriguing exchange between the participants and the Secretary General of the Alpine Convention Alenka Smerkolj as well as the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Marko Maver, where the standpoints, wishes and expectations from all sides were presented and discussed. Alenka Smerkolj and the State Secretary Maver encouraged the youth to not lose their drive and to keep being proactive in their efforts to make this planet a better place for everyone.


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