Winning picture of the Photo Contest 2020

On the occasion of International Mountain Day, we proudly present the winning picture of the Alpine Convention Photo Contest 2020! This 11th edition was targeted at young talents and was all about “Contrasts in the Alps”. We are proud that many young people got actively engaged in this competition and showed us the timeless beauty of the Alps in their contrasting colours, landscapes, traditions, etc.

“Young people are showing a great commitment to nature conservation and have taken a clear position in the climate debate”, says Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention. “We aim at bringing the work and objectives of the Alpine Convention closer to the youth by actively involving them in our projects. This is why this year’s photo contest was reserved to young people until the age of 30. Through their pictures, they showed their love and commitment for the Alps, their fauna and flora and their inhabitants. It turned out to be an overwhelming success, for which my thanks also go to the Swiss Delegation, CIPRA International and the CIPRA Youth Council.” 

The winning pictures play the main role in the Alpine Convention Calendar 2021.

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