What literature can tell us about life in the Alps

What literature can tell us about life in the Alps

The different languages and manifold dialects in the Alps take up a special place in the rich Alpine cultural diversity as well as in the work of the Alpine Convention. That is why also this year, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention gives a stage to mountain literature as a celebration on and in the run up to International Mountain Day, 11 December. For the sixth year running the alpine-wide literary festival, Reading Mountains, pays tribute to the cultural heritage in the Alps.

Reading Mountains is a mosaic of events, organized by partners all over the Alpine arc and beyond. We are very pleased to invite you to bring this year’s festival to life by organizing your own event under the umbrella of the Alpine Convention. There are no limits to the creativity brought to bear: from a literary high tea, to a workshop on mountain biking slang. Or why not adapt the old, familiar concepts to the digital era and organize an online-only writing competition or a book presentation at an open-air or drive-in cinema?

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention is at your service with promotional materials and supports the visibility of your Reading Mountains event! A precondition for this is an official registration of your event via the application form on our website, alpconv.org.

We hope to hear from you in the very near future and look forward to a successful #ReadingMountains Festival!

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