Week of Alpine events in Innsbruck

The Permanent Secretariat and the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention welcome the ministerial Delegations of the Alpine States, the EU, the Observers and Partners in Innsbruck (AT) for a week of events in the run-up to and during the XV Alpine Conference! 

From 2 until 4 April 2019, representatives of the public and private sector, NGO’s, students, experts and people from all across the Alps will discuss, exchange best practices and experiences and take decisions on pressing Alpine issues. Spotlighted are the topics of climate change, with the Declaration of Innsbruck and of soil preservation, with the Declaration on sustainable land use and soil protection. In addition, the management of natural hazard risks will be exhaustively addressed with the presentation and discussion of the 7th Report of the Alps. 
We start on Tuesday, 2 April with the 67th Meeting of the Permanent Committee. On Thursday 4 April, the XV Alpine Conference will take place. Parallel to the official meetings, a jury will select the winners of the 4th Edition of the Young Academics Award competition and the “We are Alps Compact” Tour will travel in and around Tyrol’s Capital. We will regularly update you via our social media channels!


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