Visit to Slovenia

Secretary General, Mr Reiterer visited Slovenia last week to participate at the 13th Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention (YPAC) taking place in Maribor. He gave the opening speech at the official dinner on Tuesday and participated at the World Café on Wednesday morning.

The meeting of the YPAC also provided the proper framework for the signing of an MoU between the Permanent Secretariat and the YPAC association.
Afterwards he travelled to Ljubljana where he met with the Slovenian Delegation to the Alpine Convention to discuss future active involvement of Slovenia in the framework of the Alpine Convention, the Slovenian Presidency 2021-2022 and the upcoming events in the scope of the Slovenian Alpine Convention Day (may 2018). 
In Ljubljana Mr Reiterer also visited the new headquarters of the Slovenian Alpine Association to discuss their role in the Slovenian Alpine Convention Day, especially the opening of the first Slovenian Bergsteigerdorf in Jezersko on 26 May 2018; but they also discussed future Association’s projects.
On Thursday, after the opening of the YPAC General Assembly together with the President of the Slovenian National Assembly, Dr. Milan Brglez, the Secretary General visited both Slovenian infopoints – in Mojstrana and Tolmin to discuss their planned activities in 2018 for the promotion of the Alpine Convention on the territory and their involvement in the Slovenian Alpine Convention Day.
Mr Reiterer described the week: “It was a very intense week with many different meetings and engagements, but it was very inspiring to see so many stakeholders actively working on the topics of the Alpine Convention and so many new ideas being born. I am always happy to come to Slovenia.”


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