Villach hosts the first Austrian Infopoint of the Alpine Convention

On the eve of the XV Alpine Conference (3 April 2019), the Dobratsch nature park became the 7th Infopoint of the Alpine Convention and the first on Austrian ground by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The initiative is actively supported by the state of Carinthia, the nature park communities of Nötsch im Gailtal, Arnoldstein, Bad Bleiberg and the city of Villach, where the office of the nature park Dobratsch is located (AT).

As early as 1997, Villach became the first city awarded the title “Alpine Town of the Year”.

“Villach has been a symbol of sustainability for 20 years. The goals and four pillars of the nature park Dobratsch (1. education, 2. recreation, 3. regional development and 4. protection of the ecoregion) meet the objectives of the Alpine Convention as well as its Protocols and Declarations. As a contact point for the general public on site, the Infopoint in Villach will surely contribute to an optimal implementation of the Alpine Convention”, stated the Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Ambassador Markus Reiterer, who is pleased with the cooperation with the Dobratsch nature park and the city of Villach.

“Today more than ever, the Alpine Convention can only be filled with life through the engagement of the inhabitants of the Alpine region, the Contracting Parties, the regions, the Alpine networks and municipalities. Effective partnerships with our Infopoints are playing a key role herein”, according to Reiterer.  

The implementation of the Alpine Convention Infopoint is scheduled for this autumn. Browse for further information about Dobratsch nature park.


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