Second Infopoint exchange in scenic Mojstrana!

The Alpine Convention Infopoints met for the second time from 21 to 23 November 2023. Representatives from five of the Infopoints, a small team from the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, and a representative from the Slovenian Presidency travelled to the Infopoint in Mojstrana, Slovenia, housed in the Slovenian Alpine Museum.

On the agenda were updates from the Slovenian Presidency of the Alpine Convention as well as the activities of the Permanent Secretariat. Each Infopoint also presented what they have been up to I the past year.

A workshop gave the Infopoints the chance to share their thoughts and concerns, challenges and solutions, as well as networking within the group.

The two-day exchange concluded with a tour of the Alpine museum and the Infopoint Mojstrana, which includes an exhibition on the history of mountaineering in Slovenia as well as a bivouac escape game.

This was the second exchange bringing the Alpine Convention Infopoints together; the first was held in 2022. This second exchange was a follow-up on the goals agreed and ideas discussed last year as well as a chance for everyone to meet the newest Alpine Convention Infopoint, the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park!

The Infopoints act as a bridge between the Alpine Convention and the local level. Their strong links to the areas where they are located help them bring the Alpine Convention closer to people by communicating the goals of the Convention and involving inhabitants, administrations, tourists, institutions as well as private and public organisations.

The Alpine Convention currently has eight Infopoints: three in Italy, two in Slovenia, one in France and two in Austria. Among their many activities, they participate in our annual Reading Mountains Festival as well as carrying out their own outreach and communication activities.


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