Rediscover the magic of the Alps, page by page with Reading Mountains!

Books and mountains have much in common; the rustling of pages turning is reminiscent of walking through autumn leaves; the crispness of a winter morning recalls the feel of pages in a new book; the joy from being whisked away into a story is akin to the feeling of walking through the beautiful and captivating landscapes.

Moreover, books and mountains both contain incredible histories and tell a multitude of stories. To celebrate these stories and the richness and diversity of the Alps and their literature, the seventh edition of the Reading Mountains Festival is taking place on International Mountain Day (11 December).

Make sure to follow the Festival’s Facebook page to get your daily dose of Reading Mountains and stay informed about the upcoming events taking place near you!

To date, there are already over 30 events signed up across the Alpine arc and beyond. We invite you to join in and help bring this year's Reading Mountains to life by organising your own event under the umbrella of the Alpine Convention! More information here: Reading Mountains Festival.

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