Photo Contest: Contrasts in the Alps

Many things seem to turn out differently this year. The way of life as we knew it was suddenly no longer self-evident and at one point even began to feel inconvenient. In these stormy months, family, friends and neighbours proved important anchors albeit often virtually. Good, local food and some fresh alpine air became increasingly valued as vital resources for our wellbeing.

One thing that will not (completely) change is our alpine-wide photo contest. We are proud to present the 11th edition of the Alpine Convention’s Photo Contest, with the support of the upcoming Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention, CIPRA International and the CIPRA Youth Council.

This year’s edition will be dedicated to “Contrasts in the Alps”. Although at first sight the Alps build a harmonious entity as a transnational mountain area, taking a second look there are a lot of differences to identify. A castle in the mountains stands quite in contrast to a traditional Alpine hut. The Alpine mountain landscapes differ in colour and shape. Some Alpine spots are crowded, others are remote and solitary. Some landmarks are made of concrete, others built with sustainable materials. In certain Alpine villages you can still breathe the air of the past and experience folklore, whereas others present themselves in a more modern look.

Unlike in previous editions, this year’s photo competition is targeted at a specific group of photographers. Young people are invited to catch the contrasts in the Alps in creative, beautiful and meaningful pictures. The competition is open to everyone until 30 years old, who is living, studying, working or travelling in the Alps. In the end, 13 pictures will be selected and will illustrate the Alpine Convention calendar 2021. As usual, the winners will be announced in the run-up to International Mountain Day (11 December).

Participation is possible exclusively through the submission of the online form and the upload of your pictures via the website. The deadline for submission is 31 August 2020 (11:59 pm Innsbruck time).

Naturally, we kindly ask you to take your pictures without disturbing the wildlife or compromising your own safety. We call upon all participants to abide by the measures and recommendations within the scope of COVID-19 undertaken by the respective Governments in the Alpine States.

We would be very grateful if you informed your family members, friends and acquaintances in your working and social environment about our photo contest. And of course, if you are in the target group, we would be even more pleased if you decided to take part yourself!

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