Luče festively inaugurated as Mountaineering Village

The municipality of Luče has joined the International Association of Mountaineering Villages (Bergsteigerdörfer) and this has been celebrated appropriately, in the presence of our Secretary-General, Alenka Smerkolj.

On 28 and 29 September, the official celebrations for the inauguration of the municipality Luče as Mountaineering Village took place. Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Alenka Smerkolj warmly welcomes Luče in the family of the Mountaineering Villages and congratulates the municipality and the partners involved on the efforts made to achieve this prestigious title.

The mountaineering villages are like mosaic stones in the implementation of the Alpine Convention. They demonstrate that also in the 21st century a balanced policy between landscape and ecosystems on the one hand and tourism and tradition on the other hand is possible. They embody the shift towards more sustainable, individual lifestyles and are the ambassadors “par excellence” for our beautiful Alpine landscapes”, so Alenka Smerkolj.

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