Inaugural meeting with the Austrian Minister

On the last day of July, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention Alenka Smerkolj met in Vienna (AT) the Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, Maria Patek. During the meeting, the topic of the role of women in mountain regions was tackled. According to the women around the table, this issue deserves a fresh impetus to bring the topic to the attention of the public, based on the outcomes of the activities that where initiated by the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention and the Permanent Secretariat, as well as on the actions that have taken place since then.

Ms. Patek had the opportunity to get to know the Alpine Convention well, since she has been the chair of the Natural Hazards Working Group (PLANALP) of the Alpine Convention.

Alenka Smerkolj and Marianna Elmi also had a productive working meeting with Ewald Galle, the Austrian Focal Point, and Katharina Zwettler. After the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention (2016-2019), there were a lot of experiences to exchange and even more ideas for future projects and cooperation to discuss in order to further contribute to the implementation of the Multi-Annual Work Program until 2022.


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