Heavy storm in Piedmont

Last week, a heavy storm broke over Northern Italy. Heavy rain, floods and landslides led to considerable damage in Liguria and Piedmont.

Many streets are currently impassable and some towns are still cut off from the outside world. One of the most affected towns was the municipality of Ormea, which is a member of the network of municipalities "Alliance in the Alps".

Due to climate change, the yearly number of weather disasters worldwide has almost trebled since the 1960ies, according to a study of the Münchner Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft reinsurance company. Especially in the Alpine region, which is particularly vulnerable to climate change, extreme weather events like the one in Northern Italy are becoming more and more likely.

For more information on possible support please go to http://alpenallianz.org/en/about-us

*This news was published on the webpage of the Alpine Convention on the request of the Alliance in the Alps.

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