EUSALP Action Group 6 Meeting in South Tyrol

The 6th EUSALP AG6 Meeting took place on 23-24 October 2018 at the European Academy (EURAC) in Bolzano/Bozen and was organized as a “Green Event”.

The member of the regional government of South Tyrol responsible for spatial planning, environment and energy Richard Theiner, the director of EURAC Roland Psenner and Deputy Secretary General of the Alpine Convention Marianna Elmi officially opened the meeting, encouraged the participants to continue their efforts and emphasised the importance of implementing the activities outlined in the AG6 work plan, focusing on key topics of the Alpine region. 

The 6th EUSALP AG6 Meeting was characterised by an active and result-oriented exchange within the three sub-groups: “Spatial development and soil conservation”, “Future oriented farming and forestry” and “Integrated and sustainable water management”. In all three topics considerable progress was made. Particularly noteworthy is the adoption by AG6 of the collection of good practices and recommendations in the field of “green” infrastructure solutions for an integrated and sustainable water management (soon to be published). 

AG6 members also had the opportunity to exchange views with Elisabeth Schaber (University Innsbruck, SG1), Prof. Diego Rinallo (Kedge Business School, SG2) and members of the EUSALP communication staff (SG2) for the concrete implementation of the AG6 work plan. 


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