Alpine Towns meet in Passy in Upper Savoy

“With passion for the Alps” – this is the motto of the Alpine Town of the Year association, which is celebrating its 25th jubilee this year. The title, awarded by an international jury, reflects an Alpine town’s commitment to the implementation of the Alpine Convention. The second 2022 General Assembly was hosted by the municipality of Passy/FR from 14-15 October.

Passy, a municipality of 11.000 inhabitants distributed in six neighbourhoods nested between the Mont Blanc and the Rochers des Fiz ridge, is the Alpine Town of the Year 2022. Its achievements range from building renovation and mobility measures to save energy and improve air quality, the establishment of a municipal kitchen and visitor management measures in sensitive natural areas such as the popular Green Lake, to the information and involvement of the inhabitants. These were presented at the General Assembly and celebrated together with representatives of seven other Alpine Towns and the local population in a festive evening.

“The Alpine Towns of the Year are essential partners making the link between the international treaty and its concrete implementation on the ground,” stated Senior Executive Officer Nathalie Morelle in praise of the association, which is an official Observer to the Alpine Convention. She gave first insights into the 9th Report on the State of the Alps, dedicated to Alpine Towns, which the Swiss Presidency is submitting to the Alpine Conference on 27 October.

The title of Alpine Town of the Year was officially handed over from the mayor of Biella/IT, Alpine Town of the Year 2021, to his counterpart of Passy during the festivities.

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