Alpine Convention Photo Contest 2021 – Alpine water bodies & their biodiversity

Alpine ground and surface water bodies such as lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, marshlands and wetlands are an invaluable shared public good. From the peaks to the plains, these water bodies are an extremely fertile habitat for countless species of flora and fauna, both in their waters and on their banks. Water is at the same time a key topic for the Alpine Convention, a main objective of which is to preserve or re-establish healthy water systems. 

To raise awareness about this topic as well as about the challenges and pressures facing Alpine water, the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention and the Permanent Secretariat are dedicating the 2021 Photo Contest to Alpine lakes and rivers of all sizes and forms. We are celebrating waters, from the tiniest puddles to the largest rivers, and their unmatched biodiversity.

The thirteen best photos will be published as the 2022 edition of the Alpine Convention calendar. The winners will be selected by an international jury and announced in the run-up to International Mountain Day (11 December). 

We kindly ask you to take your pictures without disturbing wildlife and without interfering with ecosystems, or compromising your own safety. We also call upon all participants to adhere to the measures and recommendations set by the respective governments in the Alpine States to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Please find the call with all the details, prizes and conditions for participation here.

We invite you to let the Alpine landscapes inspire you and to let your imagination flow when you submit your contributions before 31st August 2021 via this link.

Please help us spread the word about the Photo Contest by sharing the opportunity with your family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues – and we hope that you are also inspired to take part!

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