Across the Alps: Explore, Respect, Live!

From 1 April 2022, the travelling exhibition “Across the Alps: Explore, Respect, Live!” will journey through the region of Tyrol. The first stop of the tour is in Imst, where the exhibition lives on the upper Sparkassenplatz. From here, the exhibition will continue its journey to the municipalities of Reutte, Kufstein, Lienz and Innsbruck, where it will conclude in September 2022.

The main objective of the exhibition is to show how the Alpine population benefits from the Alpine Convention, the questions it raises and the solution it shares. It encourages local communities to take ownership of the Alpine Convention as an instrument for sustainable development that improves their quality of life.

Part of the exhibition is the historic Glockner bivouac, which has defied many storms since it was built in 1958 at an altitude of 3,205 metres and provided shelter for countless alpinists. It has been restored and lives on as an exhibition space with a rich history, where visitors can discover stories from the entire Alpine region.

The exhibition also consists of panels that offer food for thought on the diverse topics of the Alpine Convention: visitors can learn more about the Alpine environment, cultural heritage, a healthy economy and quality of life in the Alps. The info elements were designed by the agency look! design.

When visiting the exhibition, you can see pictures from across the Alps and read stories and learn new things about this unique place. Explore the different elements, think on the questions that the exhibition poses, share what you have learnt with others, and enjoy the spring sun!

Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention: “The Outdoor Exhibition showcases the vital interconnections between people and nature, how we depend on our environment and it depends on us to use it responsibly. Every choice we make matters. I hope that every visitor, whether someone from the neighbourhood or a guest from far away will learn something new about our Alpine home and will reflect upon some of the questions the exhibition poses.”

The exhibition was realised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention in cooperation with the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) and the Tyrolean cultural association Pro Vita Alpina with the financial support of the Province of Tyrol. Impulse events with local partners and cultural workers accompany the stations of the travelling exhibition.

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