A look ahead to International Mountain Day 2021 spotlighting Sustainable Mountain Tourism

The topic for this year’s United Nations International Mountain Day on 11 December has been announced: sustainable mountain tourism!

Tourism has a long history in the Alpine region and is an important part of Alpine economies. The diverse natural landscapes and cultural heritage of the Alps attract increasing numbers of visitors every year. However, to protect these unique treasures, a balanced approach based on sustainable tourism is needed.

Sustainable mountain tourism is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Alpine region, which is why the Alpine Convention has a dedicated Protocol on tourism. The Protocol serves as a reference framework for the sustainable development of Alpine tourism.

Various perspectives on mountain tourism are found among the pages of Alpine literature – which is why we are dedicating the 2021 edition of the Reading Mountains Festival to sustainable mountain tourism!

The Reading Mountains Festival brings together book lovers, authors and artists, mountaineers and educators – everyone with a connection to the mountains. The festival spotlights the rich cultural and literary diversity across the Alpine region (and beyond!) and offers a chance to discuss and reflect on the meaning of Alpine literature.

Each year on International Mountain Day, the Reading Mountains Festival brings together events dedicated to mountains and literature in various places across the Alpine arc. Although the festival takes place in December, it is never too early to start thinking about how you might want to get involved with this year’s celebration of Alpine literary and cultural diversity!

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