65. Permanent Committee meeting

The Liechtenstein Office of Environment, hosted the 65. meeting of the Permanent Committee that has focused on the Multiannual Work Programme (MAP) priority topic on sustainable transport and saw presentations of the activities of the Working Group Transport and projects on transport from several observer organizations, amongst which the Alpine Interrail that was set in motion at the last Alpine Conference.

The challenges of transportation were addressed during the excursion to the LGT. The topic soil conservation was addressed through the presentation of the postulations of the Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention, prepared by the Liechtenstein Gymnasium, and the project Links4Soils. The topic of Spatial planning was addressed through a presentation of the current state of the ESPON project Alps2050. The Committee also discussed areas of cooperation with EUSALP. At the conclusion of the meeting, contracting parties and observers presented their activities under the MAP in the past months. 

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