RUSTIK (Rural Sustainability Transitions through Integration of Knowledge for improved policy processes) is a four-year transdisciplinary research project aiming to enable actors and policymakers in rural communities to design better strategies, initiatives, and policies fostering sustainability transitions of rural areas.

In view of increasing social and ecological challenges, the project envisages an analysis of current adaption requirements and the support of effective rural policymaking processes. The project will contribute to an advanced understanding of different rural functionalities and characteristics as well as the potentials and challenges of rural areas.

The project will support the implementation of the EU Rural Vision in the mountain areas involved in the project and is funded by Horizon Europe.


September 2022 – August 2026
Spatial planning
Euromontana, Institute for Rural Development Research (Italy), Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research (Austria), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Partners from 28 European countries
Alpine countries
Austria, Italy, Slovenia

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11

Sustainable cities and communities


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