The Interreg Alpine Space Links4Soils project focused on the ecosystem services of Alpine soils, which, among others, enable human well-being and contribute to biodiversity. The project addressed the lack of an integrated sustainable Alpine soil management currently hampered by fragmented governance structures, diverse sectoral needs, and a lack of targeted soil information and applicable management tools. The goal of the project was to overcome these gaps by linking Alpine soil knowledge, end-users and experts, elaborate sectoral soil information, create best-case practices, and promote soil management. The project comprised several project partners from six different Alpine countries, ranging from public research institutes to public authorities.


2014 - 2020
Soil conservation, Biodiversity and nature conservation, Quality of life, Spatial planning, Climate change
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (Lead partner)
Alpine countries
Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 13

Climate action

Goal 15

Life on land

Goal 17

Partnerships for the goals


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