Bon Appetit!

The aim of this project is to raise more awareness about the consumption and production of food. The global food system is responsible for around 37% of global CO2 emissions. One of the reasons for the overconsumption and wasteful management of food is the lack of knowledge of its origin. Together with young people from France and Liechtenstein the project partners pursue a more sustainable approach to nutrition. Within this framework, young people grow their own vegetables and cook together by discussing and exchanging more climate-friendly ideas in the food sector.






January 2023 - August 2024
Mountain agriculture, Quality of life, Soil conservation
CIPRA International
Alpine countries
France, Liechtenstein

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3

Good health and well-being

Goal 11

Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 12

Responsible consumption and production

Goal 13

Climate action

Goal 15

Life on land

Goal 17

Partnerships for the goals


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